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It might seem too personal to many people and even embarrassing to others, but I feel that I cannot withold the blessing that I am enjoying, and that I ought to share it with others. What I want to pass on, is the great news that Christ has done all that God required, that our souls would be saved. The reason I talk about it so much, is to make sure that everyone is clear about the meaning of the gospel message. I am convinced that not everybody understands the truth, that God really wants them to be in Heaven.

It will not be any benefit to you, to have a vague knowledge about the death of Christ, 2000 years ago.

This great event in history requires that we stop and consider what happened on the cross at Calvary, outside Jerusalem, those many years ago. It is recorded in the Bible, for our benefit, that the specific reason for the Lord Jesus becoming a man was that He could take our place and suffer instead of us - that is to say, He was dying to save you and me. The apostle Paul tells us in 1 Cor. Ch. 15 that the gospel message is "Christ died for our sins, that he was buried and that he rose again" and that it was according to old testament prophecy.

We have to admit that this is tremendous information that is revealed to us in the Bible, because it affects our well-being with regard to God. This means, in fact, that if we believe what the Word of God says about the sacrificial death of His Son, we will be 'saved'. Reading from Acts ch 13 we are told " Be it known unto you that through this Man (CHRIST) is preached unto you, the forgiveness of sins, and by Him, all that believe are justified". Some people might have reservations about the term 'SAVED' - they think it is presumptious, but there is no mystery about it. It means that the person who believes the gospel is the possessor of salvation, provided by Christ when he died for us on the cross.

Many have not yet understood that salvation is a gift, freely bestowed on those who do not deserve it. God asks no meritorious deeds from us, but rather tells us about the merits of His Son. God tells us that His Son has done all that He required, at Calvary. When Christ cried "Tetelestai", He was stating that all was accomplished for the salvation of sinful men. (for us) For that reason, when the jailor at Philippi asked Paul and Silas, "what must I do to be saved", they both answered, "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved".

If people have no appreciation of the kindness of God sending His Son to die for us, it may be that they have never discovered that they are sinners. If we look at the Roman epistle (chapter three) we will see that in God's sight "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God". Adam, our first parent disobeyed God and all that were born since are constituted sinners. (see Roms. ch.5 vs.19) For this reason, God has, in great goodness provided SALVATION. This salvation has cost God an enormous effort on his part, for it could only be accomplished by His Holy Son taking the punishment that was due to sin. The gospel message tells mankind about Christ's great SACRIFICE and that it has met our need. How do we know that it is enough? God raised from the dead, the One who took our place and has glorified Him at His own right hand. The words of the hymn are so true : "Christ is the SAVIOUR of sinners". I am so glad that I can say "He is my saviour".

Are you ever going to accept HIM as your saviour? Surely you will agree, that nothing else matters. Having Christ as SAVIOUR is everything.

There is need for people to understand that if they do not have Christ as Saviour, they will not only miss Heaven but the only alternative is to be banished from God eternally, in conscious torment.
That is what the Lord told the people in the New Testament, when they would not believe on Him. He said to the Pharisees, "How can ye escape the damnation of hell?"
They had seen His miracles and yet they rejected Him as their Messiah. They cried "Away with Him."

Make sure of Heaven! Receive Christ as your Saviour, now!

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