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Rom 3:10-23 Need for Salvation
1 Peter 3:18 Cost of Salvation
Eph. 2:8 Way of Salvation
Heb. 2:3 How shall we escape if we neglect so great SALVATION?

Ever since I was a wee boy, I have loved trains, especially steam trains.(Maybe it was because my father was a railwayman.)

On Christmas eve, 1903, a train was travelling towards the eastern sea-board of the United States. Some of the passengers were en route to Britain. On that dark winter evening, as the train rounded a bend, near a township called Lower Tyrone, the engine smashed into a load of timber that had earlier fallen from a goods train. There was a terrible crash that left about 70 people dead and many more injured. One of the people who were injured, was the baggage-master, and because of his knowledge, that a west-bound train was due to pass soon after, he took a box of matches out of his pocket and tore off his railway coat and set it alight in the hope that the oncoming train might be warned of the danger.
His plan worked, for the other train got stopped half a carriage length from the wreckage and so further loss of life was averted.

That man was called Thomas Baum.From that day on, he was a HERO to the many passengers whose lives he undoubtedly saved.

Most of us will never experience trauma like those people, in Pennsylvania, but the bible shows us that all men are in much greater danger.

All men have a tremendous PROBLEM. We are in desperate NEED of SALVATION.

The passage in Romans ch 3, shows us how we are seen by God. The picture is black. It concludes with the statement that “ all the world is guilty”. To die as we are, will mean to be under the judgment of God eternally. That is a terrible predicament.

The most amazing thing is that, it is to people like us, that the gospel message is sent. Left to ourselves, we would die without hope. But God is so good, He undertook our hopeless case. He, has planned and provided exactly what we need.

The gospel message tells us that there is Salvation.

The COST of Salvation is enormous. It required a Perfect Man, to take the sinner's place. And so we read “ the Father sent the Son to be the SAVIOUR of the world” - “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the Just for the unjust.”

  • God's wonderful SON took upon himself the punishment that was due to our sins. He was made sin for us.
  • How intense his suffering must have been! I believe only God knows it.
  • Because of that great sacrifice, God is satisfied. We know that, because He has raised Christ from the dead , and has highly exalted him.
  • How costly a salvation it was! It was through Christ's awful suffering, alone.

In many parts of God's word we are shown the WAY of salvation. ( What I mean is, how we get it .)

Eph. Chapter 2 tells us that it is through FAITH, not of yourselves, it is the GIFT of God.
In other words, Christ has done everything and we are asked only to “rest in His finished work”.That is why Paul and Silas both told the jailor “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be Saved”.
If you accept God's verdict that you are a lost sinner and take in His message about Christ you will never perish but have everlasting life. Is there anything more precious than the message of Paul at Antioch? “Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this Man is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: and by Him, all that believe are justified.”

The last verse we read, reminds us that it is imperative that we accept Christ as saviour. It is either Christ or God's judgment.
It is really a warning to anyone who is careless. “How shall we escape if we neglect so great salvation?”
There can be no escape. For those who reject such marvellous grace, there can be nothing but the righteous judgment of God. To be under the righteous judgment of God means to be in the lake of fire. What a dreadful thing!
The same bible that tells us about Heaven for those who are saved, warns us that hell and the lake of fire awaits those who refuse God's wonderful grace. Only a fool would disregard such an offer ----

Make sure you get salvation, to-night! Trust Christ as your Saviour, now!The words of Mary J. Walkers hymn might be a help:

Jesus I will trust Thee, Trust Thee with my soul,
Guilty, lost and helpless, Thou can'st make me whole.
There is none in Heaven or on earth like Thee,
Thou hast died for sinners, therefore Lord for me.

R Brown

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