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Calvary's Cross

[ Luke 23 : 33 ]

When you trust in the crucified MAN on the cross,
The fear of sin's wages is gone,
Our efforts are worthless, (ourselves, we were lost),
We are saved through Christ's work, not our own.

An answer from Heaven for mankind was sent,
To a people who made no request,
Amazingly, God in His grace is content,
To save sinners. (the worst can find rest.)

The entrance to Heaven, "AM I ", Jesus said,
The price for the sinner HE paid,
By the work of His SON, GOD is well satisfied,
That's why HE was raised from the dead.

That sacrifice only, could satisfy GOD,
And to die, was the wages of sin,
But now that we're sheltered by CHRIST'S PRECIOUS BLOOD,
Our song shall be only of HIM.

When man gets to Heaven, he gladly will say,
All the praise must be given to CHRIST,
He will fondly remember that red-letter day
When he trusted in Him, at the first.

The theme of our worship in that blest abode,
Will be speaking of Christ's matchless grace,
HIS sufferings will ever be precious to GOD,
And they certainly shall be, to us.

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