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The Christians who meet here have a desire to share the 'good news' that has brought them the greatest blessing in life, the blessing of God's SALVATION.

The most valuable thing in this life is to discover that, for us who were born in sin, God has sent His Son, the Lord Jesus, to suffer in our place on the cross at Calvary.
Our objective, therefore, in life, is to remind our friends and neighbours of that most wonderful event, in the history of this world, which brings ETERNAL blessing to all who trust CHRIST.

You are invited to come here each Sunday at 6.00PM to hear the message of the gospel. On this web-site, you can hear recordings of earlier gospel meetings at Aughrim, with numerous written articles that show the need for God's salvation and the willingness of God to bless.

It is no doubt, vital for the businessman or the student, to be diligent, if they are to be successful in life. How much more, it would be wisdom, on our part, to not neglect the message of God, from Heaven, but that we pay attention to what He is telling us. He has sent His Son to save us. Surely we are required to respond to this amazing message of grace. "How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation?" Hebrews ch.2 vs.3.

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